This designer mobile phone case costs more than your car

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IF YOU thought the $60,000 crocodile Birkin by Hermes was out of this world, wait until you get a load of this. The limited edition Atelier Hutch designer mobile phone case is made of real Ostrich leather and is decorated with 2.5 carat diamonds. The price?

$8,888. No, that was not a typo.

If you think no one would be able to buy this, you would be surprised. A waiting list has already started as lovers of high fashion accessories try to get their hands on the luxury mobile phone covers to curate the ultimate Instagram #flatlay.

Hand crafted from the world’s finest leathers, including South African Ostrich and Italian Vegetable Tanned leather, the collection brings a never-before-seen level of luxuriousness and craftsmanship to iPhone 6 and 6s.

The highlight of the limited edition piece — the round cut diamonds which are secured by hand by expert artisans on Ostrich leather.

The packaging reminds us of what Louis Vuitton uses for their accessories. The diamond trimmed mobile phone case is luxuriously packed in a velvet-lined drawer which slides out of a box, secured with a leather string. We can already imagine bloggers collecting the keepsake boxes and displaying them in their curated closets among other designer boxes.


PURE LUXURY: The designer mobile phone case is luxuriously packed in a velvet-lined drawer which slides out of a keepsake box, secured with a leather string.

For those who are not prepared to spend thousands on a phone case, Atelier Hutch also offers the South African Ostrich version (dubbed ‘Queen B’), minus the diamonds, at $148.

Other designs include an Italian Vegetable Tanned leather case (Blake), a metallic-bronze 100% premium calfskin leather case (Carrie), a hand-woven 100% premium calfskin leather case (Taylor), a leopard design case with 100% premium calfskin leather and natural fur (Leo) as well as the already sold-out ‘Iggy’ crafted from monochromatic Iguana-print fine leather.

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According to the Brisbane-based founders, Sarah Husbands, Carene Kloss and Sarah Gladstone, “We bring luxury handcrafted fashion pieces to a market that has previously been driven by mass production and poor quality”. The mobile phone cases are made of genuine premium leather instead of “bonded leather” which is basically leather scraps that are ground and glued together with polyurethane. The “Atelier Hutch” stainless steel plate is also so well secured that a hard tug fails to remove it. The case has leather-wrapped edges and the interior is finished with a signature stamp.



AUSTRALIAN TALENT: Brisbane-based Sarah Gladstone, Sarah Husbands and Carene Kloss founded Atelier Hutch together to provide premium mobile phone cases to consumers looking for quality and exclusivity.

The Atelier Hutch designer mobile phone cases are currently exclusively sold on their website although insiders say that a department store is already looking at adding this latest luxury name to their existing designer line-up. Well, that has to happen sooner than later as this new Aussie label is already taking the world by storm. Cue the Instagram shots by bloggers all around.

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WORLD DOMINATION: Bloggers going crazy over Atelier Hutch designer phone cases. Images via


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