Authentication: This Prada Bag is THE New Super Fake

signs of a fake prada

There’s a new super fake in town. If in 2015 it was the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, this year, there’s a new fake and it is ‘better’ than ever.

We’ve been authenticating Prada more than anything else, after all it is the brand we specialise in. We love Prada. Sadly, nine out of ten bags presented to us turn out to be fake. The Saffiano Lux Tote was copied to death but in the end, it is still a hard piece to copy. So the fake manufacturers have now turned to an ‘easier’ model to copy — the Prada Cuir.

super fake prada 2

Signs of a super fake | It’ll take more than a quick glance to know if this bag is fake or not.

The simplicity of the Prada Cuir allowed fake bag manufacturers produce ‘better’ copies of the bag — super fakes. So much so that some authentication houses have decided to stop authenticating the Prada Cuir. It’s just hard to tell. And we don’t blame them.

In an experiment, we obtained a fake Prada Cuir which our contact had secured from a private dealer. The bag appeared to ‘well-made’ right down to the triangle logo. We snapped a few pictures and sent it to an authenticator to test whether it could pass of as an authentic piece. Our biggest fears came true. The authenticator said in the email that “we are pleased to inform you that this bag is: AUTHENTIC”.

So many fake sellers have been taking this advantage to cheat customers. The most common excuse told by the fake sellers? “I bought it in Italy while on a holiday”, “I don’t want it anymore as I broke up with my rich boyfriend” and “I’m saving for a Chanel so I need to sell this off”.

Here’s the super fake Prada Cuir. Made out of real Saffiano leather.

Bought a Prada Cuir recently? Get it authenticated with us.



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