Young Living Orb Diffuser Review: Is it worth it?

Young Living Orb Diffuser

According to Healthline, stress can cause not only things like headaches and stomachaches but also conditions like infertility and anxiety. Throw in work, traffic jam, laundry and a barista who mispronounces your name, you’re pretty much doomed.

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Well not if you learn how to relax.

To combat stress, I started a bedtime ritual which helps me to unwind and relax before I sleep. Apart from making sure that the bed is comfy, I:

  • Take a warm bath with a relaxing scrub
  • Turn on my Himalayan Salt lamp to set the mood
  • Play soothing sounds of nature. Relaxing Melodies is a great app with a huge library of relaxing sounds.

I used to spritz my linen with a relaxing scent but after seeing the Young Living Orb Diffuser online, I decided to give it a go.

Young Living Orb Diffuser 3

SIZE: It’s a small diffuser but amazingly can continue diffusing up to 4.5 hours. That’s long after I have fallen a sleep.

OPTIONS: There are two diffusing options: intermittent or continuous diffusing. I use the intermittent mode before bedtime as it gives me just enough mist to relax. I usually use the continuous mode to diffuse Thieves and R.C essential oils for when I am not feeling well or if there is a bug going around. But that’s another story.

Young Living Orb Diffuser review

Young Living Orb Diffuser review: A click of the button takes you from short bursts (blue light) to continuous diffusing (green light).

HOW TO USE: It’s super easy to use. Just twist the upper body open and fill the bottom with water up to the max indicator. Put in a few drops of essential oils, twist the top back on and voila. All you have to do is to press that button to turn it on. The same button switches the mode from intermittent to continuous diffusing as well as on and off. The diffuser features a soft blue light when it’s doing short bursts and a green light when it is continuous.

And don’t worry about switching it off. Once it runs out of water, the Orb Diffuser will automatically turn itself off and leave a super soft orange light on.

CONVENIENCE: The new portable USB Orb™ Diffuser is specially designed to be spill proof, making it ideal for the office, the car, or at home. Because it’s ideal size, I take the Young Living Orb Diffuser everywhere I go. From my bedside to the hotel bed, I’m always enjoying my super calming bedtime ritual. The USB power cord means you can even plug it into your laptop. I just use my spare phone charger to plug it by the bedside.

WINNING POINTS: The size, duration of diffusing oils, having diffusing options, the soft lights, ease of use and I like that it does not wet the area around it. The amount of mist that is released is just perfect. Not too much and not too little. For this diffuser, a little really goes a long way.

THE BEST OILS TO DIFFUSE: You can diffuse any Young Living essential oil. But I personally diffuse these before bedtime: Young Living Peace & Calming, Joy or Lavender. The gentle scent of Peace and Calming™, encourages deep relaxation and may assist with meditation and sleep as it contains a blend of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, Orange and patchouli Patchouli essential oils.

For days when I’m sick, I diffuse Young Living Thieves Essential Oil blend to kill airborne bacteria. I will share my thoughts on this and other oils in future post.

Would I recommend the Young Living Orb Diffuser? Yes, definitely.

Shop: Buy it here.

By the way, I’ve been feeling ill these few days. Luckily, my room is super relaxing. Now, I’ve just turned on my salt lamp, Orb diffuser AND soothing tunes. Good night! See you in the morning…

Young Living Orb Diffuser 5

Young Living USB Orb Diffuser: The diffuser gives a warm, soothing glow.

Reviewer: Melati Kamaruddin.