Zara Brisbane is open for business


Zara Brisbane is finally open. It’s not like a scene from The Walking Dead but many have been lining up for hours and their mission is to get inside.


Raquel Agudelo (picture) from West End had been waiting for Zara to come to Brisbane for five years. “Now, I won’t have to travel to Sydney for Zara. I travel a lot and when I do I would always make a stop at Zara because we didn’t have it here, ” said Raquel who was browsing for clothes and sandals for the summer. 

The flagship store is an enormous 1,600 sqm spread over three floors, oozing with modern luxury. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls let the sun peep in, highlighting the mannequins wearing the latest trends. The design of the store does bring us back to Pitt Street where we could shop Zara and listen to Joe Moore busking just outside.


Zara Brisbane: Bloggers Isabella Thompson and Katie Eve.

On the ground floor is Zara Woman and Zara Basic – work wear featuring clean cuts, billowing fabric, laser cut leather dresses and their signature super sleek blazers. Essentially they are kind of looks you would see on bloggers who like minimalist pieces such as Amanda Shadforth and Kait Ham.

The upper floor offers casual and denim wear through Zara Basic and Trafaluc. You’ll see lots of lace, eyelets, paisley, embroideries, white and pastels as well as suede. More of the Chiara Ferragni type of look with denim jackets bearing cool patches and suede pieces with tassels.

Zara Man is on the lower ground together with Zara Kids. All floors are accessible by lift and escalator. The store offers everything from casual to dressy and from adults to babies. No one is left behind. It was no surprise that one of the first customers was five-year-old blogger Mini Style Hunter (picture) who got loafers and a hat for himself.

Blogger Katie Eve certainly agrees, “It’s easier to go to one place to find a wide variety of things at a decent price. I’ve been waiting for it to come. It will add that extra something to my wardrobe. It’s really exciting to see some of the biggest fashion stores are here in Brisbane.”

Isabella Thompson who blogs on Style Market has a different view, “For me, Zara was exclusive. If you wore Zara it had to have been bought somewhere else. Sydney, Melbourne or even Spain. Hopefully everyone won’t be wearing the same thing.”


kimberly gardner zara brisbane

Zara Brisbane: Brisbane Fashion Stylist Kimberly Gardner says, “It’s very exciting to have Zara here. It’s the perfect fit”.

But one thing for sure,  sustainability is definitely in fashion at Zara. The store also marks a new milestone in the company’s sustainability commitments by halving water consumption and reducing energy consumption by 30 per cent compared with a conventional store. To ensure the store continues to meet these energy reduction targets, its energy use is regulated by a central control centre at Zara’s headquarters in Arteixo, northwest Spain.

For those are at the tail end of a very long queue, this wait isn’t as long as the real wait. As of today, Zara Brisbane is — open for business.








zara brisbane mini style hunter

Zara Brisbane: Young style blogger Mini Style Hunter wears Zara’s latest collection at the launch.


Zara Brisbane: Blogger Kimberly Wright.



Denim, prints, eyelets, tassels and sandals — summer favourites.


Menswear featuring neutral colours, denim and tropical prints.