They will tell you so many stories. Some can be genuine but some could be plain lies. So be careful at all times. These are some excuses shared with us by some of our readers who fell victim to fake designer sellers.

  1. “I got these bags from my ex. We broke up recently and I really don’t want any memories of us together”.
  2. “Oh, I’m a shopaholic so I tend to buy without thinking and always end up not really wanting the designer bag”.
  3. “My friend is a flight attendant and she helps me buy them overseas where the prices are way cheaper”.
  4. “I discovered the same factory which makes bags for Louis Vuitton and they have secretly made extra so these are actually genuine”.
  5. “I don’t have Facebook or Instagram because I don’t really like social media. I prefer to meet people and form genuine friendships rather than fake online ones”.
  6. “Let me go to your place to send the bags or we can meet at the mall. I live with my parents/boyfriend and they/he doesn’t like strangers coming over”.
  7. “I don’t really have a phone number right now as I lost my phone and am waiting for a new number too. But we can use WeChat, that’s easy”.
  8. “I date lots of rich guys and they shower me with expensive gifts. I only keep the ones I really like but sell the rest”.
  9. “I’m just helping my friend who is in financial trouble. She needs to sell these quickly even if it means the price is too cheap”.
  10. “These are used bags so that’s why they are cheaper than buying brand new. They only look new because the owner took very good care of them”.

Here’s a typical story told by fake designer sellers. Sound familiar?



If you personally prefer replicas, we’re not judging you. But for those looking for genuine designer, how to avoid being duped by fake sellers?

1. Do your research. There are plenty of guides that can help you authenticate before buying. Here are some useful ones:

2. Read reviews. No review on the seller? Be extra careful with sellers with no online reputation. Look for sellers which have good reviews or have been featured in magazines.


3. Request for close up images. So you can authenticate before buying as well as keep a paper trail.

This fake Prada handbag is missing essential details in the logo such as the iconic curved slit in the ‘R’. Image provided by a reader whose bag we authenticated via the Wondermika Facebook page.

4. Use PayPal. If you doubt the authenticity of an item which you have bought, you can always file a dispute on the payment to PayPal. They will hold the payment during which you can try to resolve it with the seller.


5. Know where to find the seller for sure. Handy for when you need to ask for a refund or worst case scenario — make a police report. Don’t just meet at malls. Ask for a home or shop address. We’ve seen fake seller disappear so many times.



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  1. reshalia January 3, 2016 / 4:05 pm

    Hello.i need to know whether or not my prada is fake.feel something fishy.prada saffiano cuir small (mini).given by a friend of mine.she bought it in paris n claimed it was limited n only paris have this size.tried to compare n saw the article on ur ‘fake prada’.difficult for me to differentiate.

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