Shopping Nightmare: She bought designer bags from her friend and this happened – Designer Authentication Series


At WONDERMIKA we receive e-mails from our readers everyday asking us to help authenticate their designer bags and 99%  of the bags turn out to be fake. Most of the time, the bags are bought from websites or Instagram and Facebook stores.  Everyday we deliver the bad news that their hard earned money had been spent on replicas. Heartbreaking, we know. But nothing will prepare you for this story that we are about to tell you. LIKE and SHARE this story to help people make more informed choices.

Just a few days ago, Lily* wrote to us and asked us to authenticate her Prada bag. It was an obvious fake. Then she asked us to authenticate her Dior bag – which also turned out to be a replica. It didn’t stop there. Follow our conversation with Lily who gave us the permission to feature it in this story to help save others from being a victim like her.




So Lily sent us images of the first bag below, a Prada. After looking at the logo detail, we had to tell her the bad news. The Prada was a replica. The fonts used were inaccurate and a lot of the logo detail was missing. The ‘leather’ also looked too stiff compared to an actual Saffiano leather (read our other Prada authentication story here).




According to Lily, her “friend” bought the Prada in Korea but no longer wanted it.



But the bad news did not end there. Lily shared with us that she had bought several bags, scarves and accessories.



The next one was a Lady Dior bag which also turned out to be a fake. Lily only thought of authenticating her items when she accidentally read our stories. It could be too late for her to recoup all her cash but she has kindly agreed to spread the word so that no one else would fall victim to this sort of criminal activity.


We asked Lily where she bought all of the fake goods. She said they were from a girl she had been friends with for almost a year. Folks, you’ll never know who you can trust. Which is why we have been strongly advocating designer authentication BEFORE you buy. And yes, we have also had readers who discovered that their parents had gifted them replicas. True story.





We wished that it had ended there. But you guessed it.

One after another, Lily’s friend proved to be a lousy pal.

Pictures of a Chanel W.O.C was sent to us. And although with the naked eye the bag looked fine,

we couldn’t help but to quickly spot the rainbow on the Chanel card which confirms that it is a fake.

This is one of the signs you should look out for when authenticating yourself.

You might also want to be aware that there is also a scam going around where you are sent pictures of genuine items but then receive fakes in the mail. The reality is that nothing beats checking the item in person. Do not buy any Chanel online before doing thorough research (like this Chanel authentication story here).




Just because a bag comes with card doesn’t mean it is genuine. Even if the card itself is genuine.

A designer consignment store once revealed to us that there have been occasions where people try to sell fake bags but with authentic cards. Another true story. Fact is, so many people out there just want to make money quickly no matter how wrong it is.





Below was another replica sold to Lily. If you look closely, you’ll even notice that the ‘L’ of the Louis Vuitton stamp is right in the way of the stitching. That is just one of the signs of a fake bag – detail. Check for uneven alignments, hardware detail and stitching.





We helped Lily look at this Chanel Boy bag which she got from the same person. Again, from the naked eye, the bag could pass off as a genuine piece. But when you check the details like the stitching and the codes, it confirms that the bag is a replica. The font style of the code do not correspond with the digits and that is a dead giveaway.







Yes, there’s more. This Louis Vuitton piece was also sold to Lily as an authentic item. Just look at the wrong shape and odd proportion.


Lily was planning to take this bag to Louis Vuitton to fix the handle which had broken. That should ring alarm bells if a new bag gets torn or broken very quickly. Genuine bags are very long wearing and durable and can even be passed on to the next generation.







After authenticating many bags which turn out to be replicas, our curiosity grew. Who is this “friend” Lily trusts so much? What kind of stories did she convince Lily with? Where did she get all her bags and why is she selling them? Apparently, this friend doesn’t really appreciate the designer items she has accumulated as she gets so many of them from “guys”. Readers, please be careful. Don’t quickly trust anyone even if they look like they can buy the moon.



Lily’s friend is not even on Facebook or Instagram. Very suspicious for a jet-setting, designer-toting fashionista.

It’s almost like she does not exist on social media. Always look out for odd things like that when dealing with a luxury seller. You want to do business with people who you can go back to for returns or clarification. Not with someone who will disappear into thin air.


According to Lily who has met this person in real life, this is her in the photo. She claims to be Korean.

We are unable to publish the image uncensored for privacy issues. Below are pictures of her showing of Birkin bags which she had claimed to have bought in Korea.




And all designer bags at only a few hundred each? If it’s too cheap, it ain’t real, people.



Lily’s nightmare is proof that evil comes in many shapes, even a stylish and generous friend.

The only reason Lily thought of authenticating her bags is because she stumbled on our designer authentication stories. Had she not, she would have never known that her pride and joy are nothing but replicas sold to her by a greedy person claiming to be her friend.

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Authenticate before buying so you don’t end up crying.



The Wondermika Team.

*Not the actual name. Identity has been protected to maintain the privacy of the said reader.

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