L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius app allows you to virtually try-on cosmetics. Watch the video to believe it!


Forget smudging a lipstick tester on the back of your hand or waiting to get home to try out a new eye shadow colour. L’Oréal Paris has unveiled the Makeup Genius – an app that allows you to try on products in real-time. Don’t believe us? Watch this video.

In most cases, we’re too scared to try on makeup because of hygienic reasons. Luckily, the L’Oreal Makeup Genius uses advanced facial mapping technology to turn your iPhone and iPad camera into a virtual mirror to let you virtually try on products. Based on technology previously only used in Hollywood and the gaming industry, Makeup Genius allows consumers to scan a L’Oréal Paris product or advertisement to detect a colour match, virtually try on individual products or test out curated looks from expert makeup artists, and share with friends and family on Facebook. 


With the L’Oreal Makeup Genius, all you need to do is to click on makeup looks or products and see it virtually on your face.

Play with makeup in real time

Unlike existing beauty apps that can merely render colours onto a pre-uploaded static image, Makeup Genius uses a highly-advanced facial mapping algorithm that allows women to try on eye shadow, eyeliners, lip colours and blushes and play with different looks, all in real time. Makeup Genius captures 64 facial data points and 100 different facial expressions, making it intuitive enough to discern between the skin of the lips, eyes and other facial contours, allowing the virtual makeup to move with you as you turn your head, change your facial expression and test out new looks at various angles and lighting conditions.

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The L’Oreal Makeup Genius works on any skin tone from fair to rich.

It works with every skin tone on earth

The app also works in more than 400 different lighting conditions and takes into account all ethnicities to ensure the resolution and performance of the makeup including texture, finish and colour are all accurate. From trying out Eva Longoria’s smoky eye or Liya Kebede’s nude lip to testing out one of the many trend-driven looks created by the L’Oréal Paris’ Celebrity Makeup Artist Billy B., women can have fun experimenting with a variety of looks.

For those who are shy to try on makeup or to ask for help at the beauty counter, this app will change your lives. “With this app, women don’t need a professional makeup artist because they can become their own makeup designer,” says Billy B. “It was so much fun creating the different looks and after months of working on this app, I am so excited it’s now available for everyone to play with and experience.”


Try the latest eyeliner from L’Oreal Paris before buying it by simply using the L’Oreal Makeup Genius app.


It’s all Hollywood high-tech

The virtual makeup app, Makeup Genius, was born out of L’Oréal USA’s Connected Beauty Incubator, a new business division based out of L’Oreal’s Research & Innovation labs in Clark, New Jersey, dedicated entirely to technology innovation. For Makeup Genius, the brand enlisted the expertise of Image Metrics, a company known for its advanced facial mapping technology in movies and video games and whose team of data scientists worked on the animation for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a film which went on to win an Oscar for Visual Effects.

“At L’Oréal, our ambition is to offer beauty for all” says Christophe Eymery, Head of Digital L’Oréal Australia. “To meet the diversity of the Australian consumer needs, we are offering scientific expertise from our extensive range of products to add value to our consumer’s digitally connected lives”.

“The Makeup Genius mobile app is the solution to try before you buy that is accessible to women everywhere right at their fingertips.” It will change the way women are inspired by makeup, the way women interact with makeup and the way women shop makeup.

Learn how to use the L’Oreal Makeup Genius by watching this video.

Makeup Genius is available on Tuesday 24 March 2015 to download from the The App Store for the iPhone, iPad and an android version is also available.

Images courtesy of L’Oreal Australia & UK.