GIVEAWAY | 18 Best Kept Japanese Beauty Secrets You Should Know



When it comes to skin brightening regimes, nobody quite knows better than the Japanese.  So we spoke to some Japanese beauty connoisseurs  to find out more. Some of the secrets are quite surprising but don’t take our word for it. Here are 18 Best Kept Japanese Beauty Secrets You Should Know.

1. Vitamin C
The Japanese vouch for Vitamin C in their everyday life. Their daily diet consists of oranges that deoxidize and break up melanin. This is the secret behind their fair and even complexion. It helps remove any pigmentation marks and gives you an even skin tone.

2. Signature Oils

Japanese women use signature oils to clean, cleanse and tone their faces. You can try using any natural or herbal based oils for the same.

3. Azuki
The Japanese use Azuki, which is a red bean, as part of their skin care regime. Azuki is a centuries old ingredient. The women in Japan rub it gently on their face. This helps in giving smooth and blemish free skin.

4. Fish
Their staple diet includes fish, which is very high in Omega-3. But you know that already. This helps promote healthy and glowing skin.

5. Komenuka Rice Bran
Komenuka rice bran helps nourish the skin and prevent wrinkles. It is also effective in removing dark circles and helps get you a flawless complexion.

6. Exfoliation
Japanese women exfoliate their skin often with the help of a clear gel. This helps remove dull and dead skin cells from their faces. You can use a herbal exfoliating scrub that is mild and will give the desired result without adding any chemicals to your skin.

7. Herbs
Oriental herbs help to fight dryness and enhance the skin’s beauty.

8. Wakame Kelp

Wakame kelp is a kind of sea algae that protects the skin from UV rays and pollution. It also protects you from fine lines and dark eye circles.

9. Green Tea
They drink several cups of green tea every day. This helps to slow down the ageing process and keeps the skin youthful and supple.

10. Treating Acne Naturally
The Japanese treat acne as naturally as possible. They use turmeric and tea tree, either directly or by extracting its oil.

11. Seaweed
Seaweed helps tremendously in toning and cleansing the skin. You get both a glowing skin and reduced pore size from this beauty ingredient.

12. Bird Droppings
No, that was not a typo. The Japanese swear by bird dropping facials that are popularly known as Uguisu. It has a naturally occurring enzyme that leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

13. Camellia
Camellia is ancient floral oil. It helps fight the signs of ageing, softens fine lines and wrinkles and restores moisture balance in dry skin. Apply it on damp skin for best results.

14. Regular Walks
The Japanese are a highly health-conscious people. They believe in the goodness of walks as it helps tighten the skin.

15. Fish Therapy
To remove the dead skin cells from their feet, the Japanese dip their feet into a small pond or tub filled with “doctor fish” or toothless fish. These fish scrape off the dead skin from the feet, helping smoothen out the heels and making them look healthy. You can find this in most Asian countries now.

16. UV protection
Japanese women really ensure that their skin is safe from the damaging sun. From UV blocks to smart inventions that keep them shaded, this tip is one of the most important steps to keep your skin young and bright.


17. Uji Tea Leaf, the Kyoto premium Green Tea Leaf
When you drink it, it’s the source of antioxidant. Japanese women also use it externally on their skin to harness the brightening and rejuvenation benefits. Green tea helps reduce skin redness, detox and even treat acne. Here’s how you can take advantage of green tea at home:

  • For face: Use the powdered green tea as a face mask every night for radiant skin.
  • For your body: Pop five or six green tea bags in a hot bath to help your stress float away.

18. Sakura Leaf, or, Cherry Leafsakura
The Japanese love their national flower so much they pretty much make use of everything from the from blossoms right down to the wood. But what can they do with the leaves? Eat them, no kidding! Cherry leaves are said to have brightening properties. According to Makiko, blogger of, edible cherry leaves are salted and sold in supermarkets or department store food halls in early to mid-spring. “The main use for the preserved leaves is as wrappers for sakura-mochi, a traditional sweet that is only available in early to mid-spring,” says Makiko.

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