How to match cushions like a pro? If matching different colours seem to be a task, what about matching different prints? Or even textures? It’s actually not that difficult. The trick is in “linking” the cushions as a group. Linking one element of a cushion design with an element of a different cushion. For example, take a look at the image above. There are about 13 different cushion designs but they all match as a group. The common links here are colours of green, light blue and red. Whilst each cushion has additional colours that don’t match, as a group they match because of the common three colours.


A great cushion arrangement can really make a difference on your bed. Now let’s test your skills. What is the linking element in these five cushions (above)? That’s right! Red and blue. The red and blue cushions link back with the red and blue in the floral/dragon print. Although the cushions have different textures and trims, the red and blue theme has a strong link that it matches well as a group.

This is an easy one. See the blue and burnt orange cushions? Both colours link back to the floral embroidered cushion.
You can always match cushions by theme. For example, these cushions are linked by the same design theme. You can link themes like Batik, Ikat, Polka Dots, stripes, paisley and more.
What do you think is the linking element in this cushion arrangement? That’s right, it’s the colour grey! Each cushion, although different in design, has a grey tone. Matching colours that have the same base colour is super easy. It also helps that all cushions have similar looking material.
Too complicated? Try this combo which is the easiest of all. Simply play with black and white. Match plain beige cushions with printed monochrome cushions for a classic look.

Now, how easy was that? Good luck with your linking your cushions!

Images: 1/2/3/4/5/6.