11 super cool, weird Japanese beauty gadgets


Who doesn’t love weird Japanese beauty gadgets? The Japanese are well known for their creativity in inventions and these  gadgets are just so cool! From a face iron to a Breast Gymnastics Night Bra, you’ll be amazed!


#1 – Anti Wrinkle Face Iron, US$133

Yes, it’s a straightening iron for your wrinkles! The OMNI Nasolabial Iron heats up and works like an iron to smooth out crow’s feet, fine wrinkles, eye bags.  Just place the gadget on your forehead or any other area and let the heat stimulate and iron out all lines and worries.


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #1 : Anti Wrinkle Face Iron.



#2 – Happy Face Trainer, US$23

You don’t think you have the perfect smile? Train your face to give out the perfect smile with this happy face trainer.  It’s basically a mouthpiece that you have to bite into for 5 minutes to set angles and balance your face and cheek muscles so that your smile comes out perfectly!


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #2: Happy Face Trainer



#3 – Breast Gymnastics Night Bra, US$86

Designed by celebrity bust expert Takiko Shindo, the Oppai Taiso Breast Gymnastics Night Bra will help keep your bust in a healthy position even when you sleep. Don’t give up the fight against sagging even when you are off in dream land. The padding on the side and under your bust will support the chest when sleeping, fighting against the effects of gravity and shaping your bust into a healthier form.

Shopping notes:

  • Size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Small: 72-80cm (28.3-31.5″)
  • Medium: 79-87cm (31.1-34.3″)
  • Large: 86-94cm (33.9-37″)

Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #3: Breast Gymnastics Night Bra



#4 – Nose Straightener, US$41

If for any reason you want to straighten your nose, this enhanced version of the bestselling original Hana Tsun Nose Straightener, the Hana Tsun Hyper D7 Nose Straightener is a far cheaper alternative to plastic surgery, and less painful. This “clip” can be fitted into your nose to help shape and straighten it. You are recommended to use it 20 minutes a day.


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #4: Nose Straightener


#5 – Face-lift Night Mask, US$76

The Age Max Face Lift Mask Night Sleeping Set is worn over your face in two parts: one mask over your eyes, another over your mouth and chin. Both slip easily and comfortably over your ears. The mask is lightweight and should not disturb your sleep. However, while you are away in dream land, the mask is helping stretch the muscles in your face in multiple directions, working against the sag and pull caused by age. The two parts to the mask can also be worn separately if you want to target one specific area of your face.


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #5: Face-lift Night Mask



#6 – Eyebrow wrinkle stretcher, US$46

Combat wrinkles that can develop on your brow or between the eyebrows with this Oyasumi Goodnight Stretcher, a simple but effective remedy for improving the condition of your skin and fighting the signs of aging. While you sleep the stretcher helps fight wrinkles. On the inside of the band are a series of far-infrared dots that work to heat up the skin. Meanwhile the silicone and hyaluronan compound materials provide moisture and support to the surface of your face, making anti-wrinkle stretching even more effective.

Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #6: Oyasumi Goodnight Stretcher



#7 – Four-Sided Panorama Compact Mirror, US$24

The Four-Sided Panorama Compact Mirror is a special mirror that can fold out and then be held in a curving arch, giving you a great view on how the back of your hair or head looks. This is so simple but effective, how on earth did we not think of this before!


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #7: Four-Sided Panorama Compact Mirror



#8 – Jaw tightener Face Belt, US$32

“Bye-bye face jiggle” declare the makers of this product. But how is that possible? Well, just wear the Parts Beauty Face Belt for just thirty minutes per day and retain a tighter jaw line. Japanese beauty customarily favors a face that is small in proportion to the rest of the body, and this is one way to achieve or maintain this asset. Easy to wear and totally painless, the belt will apply gradual pressure to combat sag and slack along your jaw and cheeks.


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #8: Parts Beauty Face Belt



#9 – Giant Rubber Lips For Slimmer and Younger Face, US$58

It doesn’t matter if you look like a complete idiot wearing these giant lips when you can get slimmer and tauter facial skin.  Just three minutes per day is all you need; pop in Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece  mold and then make mouth movements. The makers recommend you say vowel sounds out loud over and over again, producing regular and methodical exercises that will strength the twelve facial expression muscles in a comprehensive way.


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #9: Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece



#10 – Inverted Nipple Suction Dream Charm Adjuster, US$123

Inverted nipples are something that can happen naturally or be caused by breastfeeding or general breast sag, among other things. This situation can make some feel less confident or inadequate (you really shouldn’t!). By the way this can happen to men too! Well, here is one way to “change” this, with this Inverted Nipple Suction Dream Charm Adjuster.


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #10: Inverted Nipple Suction Dream Charm Adjuster



#11 – Eyelid Trainer, US$3.59

We’re not asking you to change how you look but this is for women with mono eyelids who desire to have double folds on their eyelids.  These Eyelid Trainers promise to give you double eyelid with one month of continuous usage.  You just have to place the glasses on your nose and the nylon yarn then forms and separates double eyelid for you.


Weird Japanese Beauty Gadget #11: Eyelid Trainer


Which one is your favourite?

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