DECOR | 8 Blue Bedrooms That Wow

By Jane Blanchard of

Tired of your drab, neutral bedroom decor? Bold it up with hues of blue. Soothing in nature, it’s a perfect color for the bedroom. Encourage some “zzz” time, de-stress in a calm zone, and make a lively statement with some cool sea colors. Here’s some perfect examples of how to get you into the new blue!


This is a great example of how a dark blue room can be romantic, feminine, and masculine all at once. It’s the perfect compromise for a couple. We like how this room incorporates animal print in the throw pillows — it’s subtle, but it adds so much to the decor.



We love the abstract patterns and tones of blue in this room. It gives the room “youthfulness” and a chic theme. See?… Girls can pull of blue too! Extra points for the patterned floor-to-ceiling curtain that not only adds visual stimulation, but serves a practical purpose as a makeshift wardrobe. Love it!




This is the definition of elegance. The pastel blue, white, and soft brown area rug help to invoke a sense of luxury… kind of makes you think you’re about to have afternoon tea with the Queen.



This is definitely a favorite! Only the fearless deserve to have a room like this; brave enough to go teal and daring enough to throw some orange in the mix. This is a melting pot of bedroom desires: elegance, chic, bold, modern, and traditional. We love that this homeowner could pull it off!



That rug! That light! The cobalt blue…  We seriously can’t decide what our favorite part of this room is — it’s that fantastic. More on the eclectic side, this room has some great textures and patterns at play, and we can’t get enough.



Sexy, intimidating, and alluring all at once. We love how the ultra-luxurious headboard and the floor-to-ceiling curtains give this room height. The understated floral mural on the wall behind the bed plays perfectly with the chandelier.




Our personal favorite – beautiful simplicity is all we have to say about this room. This room has achieved the blue tones by accessorizing with linens and decor. A classic beauty.


Sophisticated, chic, and modern with a light embrace of an Asian influence and serenity. The floral design on the duvet really brings the room to life, and the light furniture helps brighten it all up.

Blue is in, and neutral is on its way out. Sparking up your life almost always starts in the bedroom (wink wink)… Go for it!


Jane Blanchard writes for MODERNIZE.COM. Visit them for home remodeling ideas and design inspiration.