BEAUTY | Go beautifully blonde with the NEW Strega ‘Argan Oil’ Color Enhance Blonde Shampoo

blonde beach hair

The flattering upside of summer is that hair naturally lightens by a shade or two – but we won’t tell a soul if you cheat and “enhance” the process with the NEW Strega ‘Argan Oil’ Color Enhance Blonde Shampoo.


Charlize Theron says she goes “superblonde’ for the Dior campaign. Image: Dior

Remember, the key to beautiful blonde needs more TLC, so here’s some haircare tips for all the blondes out there.

  1. After washing, towel-blot your hair. Do not rub your ends with a towel because this will rough up the cuticle and cause the hair to become porous and dull.
  2. Deep condition once every two weeks.
  3. Avoid heat tools at all costs, keep your hair covered in the sun, and ditch all metal brushes.
  4. If you have long hair, dust your ends one-eighth of an inch every six to eight weeks to prevent split ends.

We all know that the road to blonde is NOT EASY. If you’ve been doing this with lemon juice, time to keep the lemons back in the fridge! blonde_shampoo_1ltrTo secure beachy blonde strands this summer – without looking lack of shine, dull, and brassy – you need something nourishing, read “Argan Oil”.

Argan’s gone from being an exclusive, rare beauty nourisher to having a starring role in many skincare, bodycare and haircare products. Including this. Its secret? High levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

This gentle violet shampoo refreshes and revives dull hair whilst neutralizing brassy and yellow tones, leaving the hair lighter, brighter and beautifully blonde. It’s  fit for everyday use and is suitable for all shades of blonde, grey and silver.

Use it regularly to achieve the great effects below:

  • All blonde shades are brightened and lightened
  • Brassy tones are neutralized
  • It deeply cleans impurities and build up
  • Hairs natural moisture and elasticity are restored
  • Hair is left soft and manageable
  • Deeply hydrating and nourishing
  • It creates super shine


So for the rest of summer, we’ll be having a blonde moment. In the best possible way!

Image source: Dior