New Product Launch | Getting the Perfect Tan with Bonza Bronz Marrakesh Spray Tan


This year in Malmo, Sweden, I experienced the best summer ever. The sun generously shined down on us every single day which gave me the motivation to sunbathe at my Swedish friend’s summer house. I eventually got myself a beautiful natural tan I never thought I would ever achieve in my life – Boy, was I proud of myself!

That was also the shortest living pride in my life, for the tan only lasted a fortnight after I came home. By August, I was back to my pale-looking skin.

While not everyone is blessed with natural tan like Eva Mendes (and not everyone has the luxury for tropical vacations round the year) many bronze goddesses leave their skin to professional spray tan to master that natural-looking faux glow.


Victoria Beckham shows a bronzy tan when she landed at LAX recently.

An ideal spray tan not only gives you fool-proof application but also beauty benefits for  your skin, one like Marrakesh Spray Tan by Bonza Bronz, the newly launched luxurious spray tan. We love Bonza Bronz Marrakesh Spray Tan for these good reasons:

bonza bronz marakesh

  • It’s anti-aging!

Marrakesh Spray Tan by Bonza Bronz is free of any harmful UV and is enriched with the powerful antioxidants of Moroccan Argan Oil. Loaded with essential fatty acids and well-known for its anti-ageing, moisturising and antioxidant properties, Argan Oil absorbs instantly into the skin leaving it nourished and hydrated.

  • Your back is covered

Applying self-tanner on your back is a challenge, but it won’t be if it’s a professional spray tan. Marrakesh Spray Tan by Bonza Bronz ensures professional application to achieve the coverage you want.

  • Super short application time and instantly dry

To bridge the gap between pale to bronze can be done under just 5 minutes! It is also instantly drying, so you won’t have to worry about having to endure a long application process.

Marrakesh Spray Tan by Bonza Bronz combines finely ground formulation of beautiful mineral bronzers and it is talc and preservative-free.

by Zay Aw.

Shopping notes:

Bonza Bronz is a salon only brand. Marrakesh Tan by Bonza Bronz is available nation wide (Australia).  To find your closest salon stockiest phone: 1300 729 200 or 03 9359 4884. Shop Bonza Bronz online here:

Image credit: StTropez and Express