The living necklace: Check out this Terrarium necklace DIY


We’ve always had a thing for chunky statement pieces when it comes to necklaces but as soon as we saw Terrarium necklaces our hearts melted. A terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. Terrariums are usually sealed in glass containers which can be opened to maintain the plants inside. Some terrariums are made with actual terrarium glassware but we’ve seen many terrariums done in used jars, fish bowls and upside down glass pitches. We love these beautiful pieces and if you’re up to it, try the terrarium necklace DIY.

This real Amethyst terrarium necklace (see above) by Ruby Robin Boutique features a raw crystal. She made this piece by surrounding a rich purple raw Amethyst crystal with real specimens of Irish lichen before preserving them inside a beautiful glass orb. This sparkly little diorama is the perfect pocket-sized oasis of calm ,and would be such a wonderful gift for any nature lovers or mountain girls. Buy here.



This terrarium necklace by The Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club uses dried moss and succulents.

Check out this amazing terrarium necklace by The Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club  using dried moss and draught tollerent succulents. We’re amazed how they manage to beautifully arrange such tiny pieces into that pendant. If you’re feeling crafty, the tutorial is here and complete with shopping list on Etsy.

So, what do you think of terrarium necklaces? Love you!