DECOR | How to makeover your bathroom? PLUS online shopping with international deliveries

by Emma Matthews


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Have dramatic home makeover shows and glossy interior design magazines left you feeling inspired? Perhaps a little too inspired that you want to jazz up your bathroom and splurge a little? With a few quirky and innovative furniture and fittings from bathroom stores, you can do just that. But before you go on a shopping spree, you need a game plan. You need to know exactly what you want. To find out some of the trendiest tips, read below!


In a busy household, you may find the central bathroom in a complete mess after the first day of the week. Keeping this tidy but elegant can be a challenge. But not when you have a storage cabinet. Depending on the size and colour of your bathroom, storage cabinets are a great addition to your bathroom as you can easily store towels, brushes and other bath amenities in one corner. Pottery Barn ships internationally, shop here.


Are you going to have your parents over soon and want to show off a bit? Splendid. Purchasing an original artwork for the bathroom is simple and effective. Whether it’s an abstract painting or a black and white photograph, an artwork can anchor in the textures and the fittings of your bathroom. Handy Hint: If you have a white bathroom with contrasting tiles, purchase a monochromatic artwork to tie both of these elements together, and create a focal point for the room. Visit for the artwork below.

zanui art

These artwork from can be purchased online. ZANUI is a Google trusted store.



The light in a room can change the whole atmosphere of the environment. And with numerous bathroom lights to choose from, you’ll be beaming in happiness. Looking for a light fixture near your vanity area? Try and select a light feature that goes well with the other fittings of the bathroom. For example, if you have quite an elegant and sophisticated bathroom – given away by your Italian bath tub – then an antique light with a metallic finish can accompany the chic fittings of your bathroom. Once you’ve found the right light for your bathroom, you’ll be thinking of any excuse to stay in there! Perhaps a brush after every meal?



You want your bathroom to be relaxing and enjoyable, and what’s better than a nice, hot shower or bath after a long day at work? To really enjoy your bathroom, you can upgrade your bathtub faucets and shower heads into something a little more luxurious and pleasurable. Think steam showers, handheld shower heads and egg-shaped bathtubs. Don’t forget to add a fresh loofah and bath salts in the shopping list! Before you bust out the renovating tools, it pays to talk to a specialist plumbers. You might find that your dream for having a claw-foot bathtub isn’t exactly practical in your current space.



If you have a bathroom that attracts copious natural light, contrast this by adding calming tones such as light oranges, browns, mint greens or shades of blue. Having a balance of both the light and darker colours, will create a richness in texture. For those finishing touches, purchase rug sets that compliment with the material of your flooring and the overall colour scheme. To buy the mats from Pottery Barn below, click here.


Adding bathmats can really change the way your bathroom looks. These selections are from Pottery Barn which ships internationally.


Simple and cost-effective additions to your bathroom can improve the overall aesthetic and appeal of your bathroom. Do you have any other innovative ideas to makeover your bathroom? Feel free to share them by commenting below!



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