Japanese Age-defying beauty Masako Mizutani. You won’t believe her actual age!

By Zay Aw

Meet Masako Mizutani, a Japanese housewife who became a TV sensation for her beauty secrets to radiant and porcelain skin. But can you guess her actual age?


Masako Mizutani, a Japanese housewife who became a TV sensation looks way younger than her actual age.

She’s  45 (yes!) and is known as “the Lady of Eternal Youth”. How insane is that? “LIKE” this story if you’re amazed at Masako’s youthful appearance.

Now you might say that she’s blessed with genetic lottery, but Masako’s beauty secret isn’t really in her genes but a diligent step-by-step beauty regime every day without fail.

Inspired by Masako, I decided to try out a 5-step beauty regime introduced by Japanese beauty brand Eversoft SKINZ. The regime combines Japanese ingredients such as Wakame Seaweed, Ume, and Super Hyaluronic Acid with the latest technology to combat ageing. I can’t wait to introduce these five easy steps to you which could help you on your journey to youthful, porcelain-like skin.


1. Always start the routine with a gentle cleanser

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Too busy ? Too tired? We always feel like we don’t have a lot of time to indulge in a good beauty regime, but we can take a leaf out of Masako’s book – her time devoted to cleansing. Many Japanese women prefer using a soothing product, such as cleansing oil. I recently tried out Eversoft SKINZ Youth Recall DEEP ACTION MICRO CLEANSING OIL and noticed that it effectively takes away make-up, sunscreen, BB cream and other residues.

Tips: Take 30 seconds at least each time to massage the oil into your face so that it covers every spot possibly. Rinse with water gently afterwards.



2. Step two of cleansing

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The cleansing step will not be complete without deep cleansing. Japanese women believe this step will help remove any impurities that could not be removed by step one. My thirsty skin loves especially the Eversoft SKINZ DEEP MOIST RICH CLEANSING FOAM (for dry skin) that does the work while leaving my face supple and hydrated. Eversoft SKINZ also comes with HYDRA CLEAN CLEANSING FOAM (for normal skin).

Tips: Use fingers to go one round on your face in circular movements and rinse with water afterwards.


3. Invest longer time on toners

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In Masako’s beauty regime, she literally spends at least 1 hour  every day on toning.  Wow! Toning is said to soften and prep our skin for the next steps, but in Masako’s belief, toning also helps to hydrate skin. Lucky for us, Eversoft SKINZ Youth Recall HYDRATING TONING LOTION is fortified with Hiaruron San (Super Hyaluronic Acid) that provides an instant two times hydration and softening effect that last for 24 hours! When you’re applying it on your face, try the Masako way.

Tips: Put toner directly on palms, gently press palms on face, “pushing” it in chin, cheeks, forehead and nose. Wait until your face takes in the toner, repeat the steps for two times.  This would help skin taking in the moisture as much as possible. Treat this toning step like a mini facial and invest longer time in it until your face feels moisture.


4. Lift face naturally and say no to spots

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“Japanese women protect from brown spots as early as in their 20s,” says Genevieve Monsma, writer at MORE.com, while investing why Japanese women rarely get spots, “they use a lot of umbrellas.” It is obvious that Japanese women start anti-ageing sooner. A good lifting cream can prevent early formation of wrinkles, one that’s like Eversoft SKINZ FIRMING & REFINING ESSENCE (Face & Eye), RM53.90, which is enriched with concentrated liquid actives for wrinkle signs correction and whitening actions. This skin refining essence is also enhanced with concentrated Renewal Peptide 3 to boost skin renewal for firmer, radiant and anti-yellowing  of the skin.

Tips: Take a small amount on fingers and massage into face and on eyes.


5. Slap on – moisturiser

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Japanese women do not just apply moisturiser, they “slap” it on. Literally. This is said to stimulate blood circulation and elevate energy levels to optimize the properties of moisturizer. Eversoft SKINZ comes in am cream and pm cream.  HYDRA GLOW FIRMING CREAM SPF 30 PA++ helps my skin stay fresh after a long day. And Eversoft SKINZ ULTRA RICH RENEWAL FIRMING CREAM, RM39.90, does the work at night while I sleep to repair wrinkle signs.

Tips: Now this wasn’t exactly from Masako, but an old Japanese beautician used to teach me to gently slap on the moisturizer to face. Spend a good 1 min to gently slap it on until your face takes in all the moisture.


The full product range of EversoftSkinz Youth Recall is now available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and beauty stores this month. The whole range with individual products costing from RM14.90 to RM 53.90.


zayAbout Zay A.

Zay digs stories on beautiful things. Working at a Swedish firm as a Regional Communication Head for SEA, she dedicates her personal time to writing stories on Wondermika.com. During the past 7 years, Zay has been contributing works to various women’s magazines in Malaysia including the the Women’s Weekly and Harper’s Bazaar. Her work are mostly on beauty, lifestyle and travel. A mother of two based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 



Disclaimer: Thank you to Eversoft SKINZ for providing Wondermika.com with the products for review. All opinions are unbiased and are a result of the product trial by Wondermika.com’s beauty, travel & lifestyle Editor, Zay Aw (Malaysia).

Images of Masako Mizutani via her blog here.