Star Style: Did Nicole Richie change her style from bohemian to minimalist?

Is it just us or did Nicole Richie change her style? The Boho goddess seem to have ditched her regular flip flops, Kimono cardi and embroidered bag staple for sharp separates instead. Dare we say,  she’s looking a little posh like Victoria Beckham. Actually, she’s the second person who we think have modeled their makeover after Posh Spice. Could you guess who the other celeb is? We’ll tell you at the end.

nicole richie collage

Forget that relaxed look she used to sport especially during her “Simple Life” days with Paris Hilton. These days Nicole Richie is always in sharp blazers and pointy shoes with delicate heels.

collagenc smart

While her hair is sometimes blue or purple, Nicole seems to be dressed in black and white most of the time. Her hair is sleek and her makeup natural-looking. Sounds boring? We’re actually kinda liking her new look. Is Nicole Richie the new style icon?

Take a look at what Nicole wears on her casual days. We’re very sure that it was a conscious and careful decision to change up her style. Unlike her previous image, now, Nicole appears to be wearing more designer.

collageNC casual

From left: Nicole is in black and white top-to-toe while carrying a huge Gucci paper bag; Nicole sticks to the classic jeans and white shirt look while toting a Birkin bag; Nicole wears suspenders branded with huge Chanel logos; and she throws on a sleek red blazer to smarten up her casual ensemble.



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What do you think? Tell us in the comments. By the way, the other star we were talking about was Kim Kardashian. Do you agree?

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Image credit: Splash News