SHOPPING REPORT | Online stores with international shipping you should seriously check out NOW!

Are you itching to click “buy now”? Are you having cold sweat from not having anything arrive in the mail? Is your mouse starting to collect dust? Well, here’s something for you shopping addicts. Seven online stores with international shipping you should seriously check out now!


#1 Shiny Mix

The Shiny Mix is run by husband and wife New Yorkers Katherine and Djordje Jankovic. Here you’ll find accessories that will lend you a polished look to compliment your outfit. Everything here looks classy. They ship worldwide, thank goodness. Click here to shop.

Gorgeous statement accessories from Shiny Mix.



#2 Pixie Market

We just love Pixie Market for the quirky and cool things they offer on their website. Gotta love the horsie clutch! Inspired by London’s wildly creative markets where you never know what you might discover, the young owners from New York, Gaelle and Magda, designed their store as a showcase for unique finds. Artsy handbags and hats and a mishmash of jewelry line the shelves and front counter, but the highlight is the owners’ private shoe label, Maud. They ship to 39 countries, click here to check the list. Click here to shop.

pixie market

How can we not love the accessories from Pixie Market?


#3 Portmans

Established in Melbourne, Portmans is coveted for its sharp tailoring, luxe knits and versatile essentials all topped off with lust-worthy accessories. The look is really stylish and classy, perfect for the urban career woman. Click here to shop. They ship to many countries but click here to check.

portmans collage

Portmans has sharp and sleek blazers and separates we love. Perfect for office style.




#4 Shakuhachi

This Aussie store offers all the modern silhouettes you’ve been yearning for. From oversized blazers to slouchy pants, the pieces look runway worthy. Shakuhachi was launched by self taught fashion designer, Jessie White, in 2000 with a small collection of handmade t-shirts, made on a budget of just $400. Today, the brand has earned a cult status with fans all around the world. Click here to shop with worldwide deliveries. Joy!

shakuhachi collage

Shakuhachi’s minimalist pieces are easy to wear.


#5 Sheike

Headquartered in Sydney, Sheike has the most amazing collection of dresses online. So if you know you’re attending a gala dinner or maybe a chic wedding, do not miss their collection. Having said that, Sheike is also the spot for ultra stylish office wear. Seriously. Click here to shop, Sheike ships worldwide.

sheike collage

Sheike has a fab collection of dresses and new pieces are added weekly.



#6 Front Row Shop

Stylish, quirky and fashion forward. All the things that we look for in a shop. We love the bag pendant and the fab brogues. Front Row was founded by Ying Wu, a former advertising executive. Inspired by international trends, her affordable, fast-fashion pieces have drawn attention from Asian and Western markets, with UK high street giant Topshop picking up several designs for their 2011 autumn/winter collection. Click here to shop. This Shanghai-based online store ships internationally; click here for the list of destinations.

frontrow collage

Quirky accessories from Front Row Shop. We love everything.



#7 Style Nanda

Out of South Korea, Style Nanda offers an extensive collection of fashionable pieces from dresses and separates to bags and accessories. By the way, Style Nanda means “So Stylish”. They’ve got a mix of the latest runway-inspired looks plus classic pieces. Click here to shop. They ship to more than 90 countries as listed here.

style nanda collage

The printed skirt suit and pants are just fab. Style Nanda also offers trendy accessories.

We just love online stores with international shipping. Now we won’t try to hold you back. Ready, get set, click!

For online shopping newbies, we’ve got some tips for you on how to shop safely online:

  • Be wary if the website looks suspicious or unprofessional or makes unrealistic promises. Bargains which look too good to be true often are.
  • Know what you are buying. Read the description of the product carefully-check the size, colour, value and safety of the product.
  • Read all the fine print. This includes refund and complaints handling policies.
  • Check the currency, postage and handling and other charges – there may be extra charges you aren’t aware of. Only pay via a secure web page-one that has a valid digital certificate.
  • Use a secure payment method such as PayPal, BPay, or your credit card. Avoid money transfers and direct debit, as these can be open to abuse. Never send your bank or credit card details via email.
  • Always print and keep a copy of the transaction. Keep records of any emails to and from the seller.
  • Always conduct transactions within the auction website. Avoid private contact or payment directly with buyers or sellers-scammers will often use this ploy to ‘offer a better deal.

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What to wear with wide leg pants? Learn this season’s styling tips NOW!

Forget what you’ve ever learned about styling wide leg pants, guys. Whilst we’ve always been trying to keep the upper half fitted and sleek so as to balance the more voluminous wide leg pants, this season almost everything looks slouchy. And not to mention rebellious. The wide leg pant is a timeless tailored style with a wide leg profile that features a waistband and front angle pockets. There is really no rule to wearing the wide leg this time around except, softer fabrics for blouses and tops might really complement your look if you don’t have the model height (like us!). Otherwise, go for structured crop tops or vests to balance the silhouette slightly. Here’s some inspo from the Pre S/S15 and S/S15 shows of Lanvin, Balenciaga, Carven and more to help you get started. While you do that, we are going to go and look for the highest possible heels to sneak some height in.

Wide leg

From left: Lanvin, Balenciaga and Carven. 

Did you know? Unlike bell bottoms and flares, wide leg pants are as wide at the hem as they are throughout the rest of the leg, including the calves, knees and thighs. Wide leg pants can be baggy or maintain straight, tailored lines down the length of the leg.

wide leg 2

These (above) are flare pants. From left: Alexander Lewis, Phillip Lim and Alexander Lewis.



How to match shoes with pants (wide leg) by

To shop any of the above, click here.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to go wide? We might go for it this season!

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QUOTE OF THE DAY | Plus how to reclaim your weekend again

Quote of the day…


… and 5 Ways to reclaim your weekend again!


#1 Have a Friday-night ritual
Mark the beginning of the weekend with a clear ritual as you leave work on a Friday, says career coach Nick Woodeson ‘Note down what you have achieved and completed. This gives a feeling of satisfaction and a psychological boost. For open issues make a note of progress you have made and tell yourself you don’t need to think about them again until Monday.’

#2 Do some gardening
Horticultural therapist Dr Konrad Neuberger has led several studies which reveal that the traditional weekend pastime of pottering in the garden, or even tending a window box, can help us reduce the stress of the working week and raise our self-esteem. ‘When you’re gardening, you expose your body to air, sun and rain and exercise your ability to recognise, to enjoy, persevere or to change,’ he says. ‘You can connect thoughts and emotions and loosen them, if that is what is needed.’

#3 Abandon the lie-in
‘If you always need a lie-in at the weekend, you’re probably sleep deprived,’ says Dr Andrew Cummin, director of the West London Sleep Centre. ‘Studies show that sleeping in for longer than an hour over your weekday wake-up time can disrupt your body clock and leave you feeling disorientated and lethargic throughout the weekend.’ He advises going to bed a bit earlier during the week, so you can enjoy a longer weekend and feel more energetic.

#4 Revive Sunday teatime
‘We often begin to feel anxious on Sunday evening, as we anticipate the stress of the working week ahead,’ says psychotherapist Dr Malcolm Cross of London City University. ‘Introducing relaxing and enjoyable rituals at the end of Sunday, such as enjoying toast and cakes by the fireside, can help you to stave off the Monday blues.’

#5 Be adventurous
One of the greatest regrets about the weekend is that it flies by too quickly, but we can alter our sense of time passing. ‘Time isn’t something real or absolute, it’s something created by our minds,’ says Steve Taylor, author of Making Time. ‘Make sure your weekend is as full of new experiences as possible. When there is less novelty in your life you take in less information from the world around you and time is less stretched. If you make an effort to travel to new environments and expose yourself to new situations, new challenges, even something simple such as trying a new hobby or trying a different route to get somewhere, then this degree of newness slows down time.’

Read the rest at

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CELEB | This is the Aussie luxury resort where the Modern Family cast filmed. It has on-call butlers, infinity pools and floating spa but costs AUD$10,600 a night!

Do you like holiday spots with a story? Well, the the cast and crew of the Modern Family TV series just finished filming its ‘Australia family holiday’ episode at the One&Only Hayman Island resort and now it has reopened to the public. You can follow in the footsteps of  Sofia Vergara at the resort which has just completed a AUD$80m transformation. The luxury resort is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef which makes it even more special. One&Only Hayman Island is surrounded by a natural ecosystem of pristine coral reef formations and diverse marine life. Members of the cast and crew of Modern Family, including actors Sofia Vergara, Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell stayed on the island ahead of its official opening on July 1. Looking to book? Details at the end of the story.


One&Only Hayman Island is now welcoming guests, and Australian tourism chiefs say the link with Modern Family will significantly boost visitor numbers to the iconic locationThe suites range from AUD$980 a night, to the AUD$10,600 a night ‘Three Bedroom Owners Penthouse’, which can fit six people and includes three bathrooms, a kitchenette, bar, wrap around balcony and an on-call butler. [Read more at the Daily Mail]

mf2 mf3 mf4 mf5

Call the One&Only Hayman Island at +617 4914 1234.

Or click here to view rates or book on the hotel website.


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