BLOGGER TIPS: How to use Photoshop to enhance pictures? Tips and tricks here!

by Emma Mathews from England.

How to use Photoshop? Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you. With the blogging world becoming more and more competitive, the stress on visuals and having flattering photography has become even more important. For most bloggers gone are the days where unedited photos taken on a iPhone are acceptable. Instead many of us are investing in expensive buys like SLRS and  Photoshop.


Before I get started with this post, which is about hints and tips which can improve the quality of your photos, I’d just like to point out that I’ve been using Photoshop for years but I didn’t buy it specifically for my blog.  I invested in it for University and graphic design purposes.

Equally, just because I’m offering advice about Photoshop, I don’t think every blogger needs it or has to edit their photos via it. I believe it’s personal preference and if you’re happy with your photos being unedited, or taken on digital camera rather than a more expensive one, it’s your choice and you shouldn’t give into pressure or let people pull you down because of that. Now let’s begin.



Original: Top
Bottom: Edited
Image – Adjustments – Brightness & Contrast
Changing the brightness of an image is one of the easiest and most crucial ways of improving it. No one likes to see a dark, grainy picture where you can barely make out the product or person being featured. Equally contrast plays an important part and can either make an edited photo look harder or softer than the original. Although it’s easy to do, be carefully you don’t over do it, as photos that are too bright often end up pixelated, with a high, artificial looking contrast.
Original: Top
Edited: Bottom
Image – Adjustments – Colour Balance
My next tip is colour balance. Colour balance plays with the tones of a photo and allows you to add a subtle, or not so subtle, coloured filter on an image. For example, in the photo above I’ve added a off-blue hue to the mid tones which has made the picture look cooler and less yellow.



Original: Top
Bottom: Edited
Image – Adjustments – Selective Colours
Similar to colour balance, selective colours also allows you to play with the tones in a photo. However unlike the previous adjustment, which adds a colour filter to a photo, selective colours allows you to pull individual hues out and change the appearance of them. In the edited image above, I’ve pulled out the yellows of the image and made them more stark and vibrant, which you can see via objects such as the body brush and bottle of oil. Also I’ve added to the magenta and made the colour more pink, which makes the background standout and again look less warm than the original photo.



Original: Top
Bottom: Edited
Image – Adjustments – Vibrance
Depending on the style of your blog and the type of photography you plan on showcasing, you may want your photos to look warmer or cooler. You can do this through the vibrance tab which does exactly what the name states.



Original: Top
Bottom: Edited
Filter – Sharpen – Sharpen


Finally there’s sharpen: the ideal tool to use if your photo is slightly blurred or out of focus. The filter makes details in photos stand out – particularly wording, which you can see in the example above. However, use the filter with caution as occasionally, when overused or used on a small image, it create grains and a scratchy affect which is harsh and hard to look at.

WORDS: Emma Matthews
PHOTOS: Emma Matthews



Emma Matthews is a Fashion Journalism student, currently living in the South of England. A self professed beauty and fashion obsessive, she started Beauty and Rags as a hobby, with the sole intention of it being a personal blog to document her pastimes and interests. Since then Beauty and Rags has grown and grown, with it now being thriving online platform that embraces a keen readership of students. Visit Beauty and Rags here.

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Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette lands Shu Uemura beauty contract (Yes, his cat)

CHOUPETTE, Karl Lagerfeld’s famously pampered Siamese cat, has bagged herself her first beauty contract – with Shu Uemura. The holiday make-up collection will be called Shupette by Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura – yes, that’s “Shu” pette, not “Chou” pette. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is the first time a household pet has ever teamed up with a global beauty brand, and the range will reportedly include such essentials as furry false lashes and ‘claw’ paint polishes.

Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette is now a model for Shu Uemura. For real! Image by Karl Largefeld.

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette is now a model for Shu Uemura. For real! Image by Karl Largefeld.

Choupette first met Lagerfeld when Chanel model Baptiste Giabiconi needed the designer to take care for her during one Christmas – and Karl never returned her. Since then she has been in fashion shoots, has two personal maids and has traveled the world under the arm of Lagerfeld.  Karl told Marie Claire UK, ““Miss Choupette loves Latin but hates opera,” he said. “But I only listen to music if she is awake. Her grooming routine is a lot of work. She has two maids because she doesn’t like to be alone. They do all the brushing – she’s beyond spoilt and sleeps on the back of my bed.” Oh, Choupette, what a lucky cat!

But that’s not it, Choupette Lagerfeld (yup), has also landed her debut book deal – Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat.

And just to make you jealous (as if you aren’t already), we’ve rounded up some pictures of her fabulous life from Choupette’s Instagram of 18,000 followers. Yeah, that’s right. She also has her own Twitter account, @ChoupettesDiary, boasting over 38,000 followers.

What do you think of Choupette’s new deal?

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Runway Report | The dreamiest dresses at Paris Couture Fashion Week

We’re still drooling from looking at the dresses at Paris Couture Fashion Week and here’s why you can’t blame us. Models were swathed with exquisite chiffon, delicate organza and sparkling crystals resulting in the dreamiest dresses on the catwalk this season. Ralph & Russo’s designer Tamara Ralph featured long dresses with old world couture which are favoured by the label’s high-profile clients, including Angelina Jolie. And then Alexandre Vauthier and Valentino both went for chiffon dresses with spliced necks in hard core romantic silhouettes that made us gulp. Giorgio Armani Prive‘s pieces had tulle, ribbon fringing, polka-dot veiling and huge paillettes caught like fish in net. A truly amazing line up!

dreamy dresses 1

From left: Ralph & Russo, Alexandre Vauthier, Valentino and Giorgio Armani Prive showcased this season’s dreamiest dresses at Paris Couture Fashion Week.

If there’s one thing that Elie Saab does very well, it’s a fairy tale dress. His are the sorts of dresses that dreams are made of – they’re the ultimate princess fantasy and you can’t help but fall in love with them, simply because they are so exquisite, elaborate and beautiful. The combinations of sheer fabrics sprinkled with crystals or pearls are simply breathtaking. And if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you will love the pieces from Zuhair Murad as he plays with opulent fabrics and intricate lacework. Giambattista Valli and Vionnet joined Giorgio Armani Prive in making fairy tale-like dresses but with a much softer palette. A spell has been cast upon us but we’ll soon wake up. After all, it’s couture we’re talking about and couture certainly comes with a couture price tag.

dreamy dresses

From left: Elie Saab, Giambattista Valli, Vionnet and Zuhair Murad injected an ethereal feel into their creations which were revealed at Paris Couture Fashion Week.

If we had loads of cash lying around, we would go for Elie Saab. Which one is your favourite?


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Photos via British Vogue.

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Star Style: Did Nicole Richie change her style from bohemian to minimalist?

Is it just us or did Nicole Richie change her style? The Boho goddess seem to have ditched her regular flip flops, Kimono cardi and embroidered bag staple for sharp separates instead. Dare we say,  she’s looking a little posh like Victoria Beckham. Actually, she’s the second person who we think have modeled their makeover after Posh Spice. Could you guess who the other celeb is? We’ll tell you at the end.

nicole richie collage

Forget that relaxed look she used to sport especially during her “Simple Life” days with Paris Hilton. These days Nicole Richie is always in sharp blazers and pointy shoes with delicate heels.

collagenc smart

While her hair is sometimes blue or purple, Nicole seems to be dressed in black and white most of the time. Her hair is sleek and her makeup natural-looking. Sounds boring? We’re actually kinda liking her new look. Is Nicole Richie the new style icon?

Take a look at what Nicole wears on her casual days. We’re very sure that it was a conscious and careful decision to change up her style. Unlike her previous image, now, Nicole appears to be wearing more designer.

collageNC casual

From left: Nicole is in black and white top-to-toe while carrying a huge Gucci paper bag; Nicole sticks to the classic jeans and white shirt look while toting a Birkin bag; Nicole wears suspenders branded with huge Chanel logos; and she throws on a sleek red blazer to smarten up her casual ensemble.



Check out these pieces online. Simply click through to browse or buy:


What do you think? Tell us in the comments. By the way, the other star we were talking about was Kim Kardashian. Do you agree?

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Image credit: Splash News

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