E! News Asia Marion Caunter’s bag collection is worth how much? See her lavish pieces here!

Have you seen Marion Caunter’s bag collection? If you’ve been on her Instagram account then you must have noticed her designer bags seen in almost every post. For our international readers, Marion Caunter is a host on E! News Asia alongside Dominic Lau. She’s married to Malaysian automobile and property tycoon SM Nasarudin who inherited the business from his late father who reportedly built a USD$1 billion empire. It truly is a rags to riches story. Anyway, back to the goods, because today is Friday and we had nothing better to do here at Wondermika.com, we went through Marion Caunter’s Instagram until as far back as we could and here they are! Photos of Marion’s lavish bag collection from her USD USD$9,500 Chanel perfume bottle bags to her crocodile Birkin estimated worth USD$89,000. On her instagram, she’s indicated that she had purchased some of them online, some gifted to her by her wealthy beau but we’re not sure if some were gifts from brands. Whatever it is, she has an amazing collection! We estimate that her collection could be worth more than USD$200,000 based on her Instagram shots. That’s more than RM650,000 in Malaysian Ringgit! But that’s just an estimate and there could be more where that came from! We know we’ve definitely seen her in a neon Birkin at an event a while back.

mc chanel2

From left: Marion Caunter wears the Chanel flap bag, Chanel perfume bottle clutch bag, Chanel lego bag and Chanel clutch. Images via Instagram @marioncaunter

mc chanel

From left: Marion Caunter looking stylish in her Chanel Boy bag, Chanel flap bag, Chanel flap bag and what looks like a Chanel Metallic patent bag. Images via Instagram @marioncaunter

mc celine

From left to right: Celine Trapeze bag, Celine Trapeze bag and (surprise!) another Celine Trapeze bag. Images via Instagram @marioncaunter

mc birkin mix

From left: Marion Caunter with a Hermes Birkin bag in crocodile estimated at USD$89,000, Birkin bag possibly in Togo leather estimated at USD$20,000, Chanel tote and Celine bag. Images via Instagram @marioncaunter

mc mix

Clockwise from left: Chanel Boy bag, Chanel perfume bottle bag worth USD$9,500 (Marion also has this in white), Givenchy bag and Chanel Hula Hoop bag. Images via Instagram @marioncaunter

How much do you think Marion’s bag collection is worth? Which one is your fave? Ours has to be the Croc Birkin! 

Images via Instagram.com/marioncaunter. Compiled by Wondermika.com. To republish compiled pictures please credit Wondermika.com with a live link. 

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