DECOR | 15 ways to artfully display collections you treasure

The thing about collections is that you never plan to start it. Somehow you are drawn to keep the same things. Suddenly, you have 20 ducks, 50 sea shells and 100 bottle caps. Yeah. You have no idea on how to decorate with them but you don’t want to throw them out either. We totally get you. That matchbox from London, the rock from Bali… memories. You don’t have to go far to collect things. Even kids paintings and those mason jars from cooking pasta every time. Well, the good news is, we’ve got 15 ways you can artfully display collections you treasure no matter how odd they are. Some easy tips to remember when decorating:

  • Uniformity in numbers – Put things that are of the same colour, type, or shape together and no matter how odd the shape, it will look great as a display.
  • Creative displays – Turn vases upside down to showcase sea shells or stones. Sure makes them look more classy and keeps small hands out.
  • Frame flat stuff – Yup, from postcards to maps, they look great in frames.


Plate numbers


Maps from your travels

Vintage radios


All white mirrors


Weather vanes


Toy buses


Kids paintings


Masks from your adventures

More plate numbers


Vintage luggage tags (works for matches and postcards too)


Trophies and medals

More masks from your travels


Bottle caps (works for sea shells and stones too)


Collection of odd things from around the world


Photo booth shots

What have you collected?

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