FASHION | 10 Ways To Wear Jeans NOW!

Looking for new ideas to wear the old trusted denim? Here are 10 ways to wear jeans now! See the minimalist style of Jennifer G from California, the preppy look of Viktoriya Sener from Istanbul and edgy Micah Gianneli from Australia.  And we love how distressed (and destroyed) some of the jeans are! Okay, someone please hide the scissors!

Jennifer G from California.

Jennifer Grace - 14-05-13

Jennifer Grace - 14-04-09

Jennifer Grace - Asos Denim, Pencey Standard Tank - One Twenty-Three

Jennifer Grace - 13-12-23

Viktoriya Sener from Istanbul.

Viktoriya Sener - Ted Baker Camel Coat, Zara Boyfriend Jeans - CAMEL COAT

Viktoriya Sener - Zara Tee, Mango Leather Jacket, Sammy Dress Bracelet, Zara Bag - SKATER

Viktoriya Sener - Asos Fedora Hat, Sheinside Blouse, Banggood Jacket, Bershka Jeans, Zara Loafers - ANIMAL PLANET

Viktoriya Sener - Mango Leather Jacket, Sheinside Striped Tee, M2f Jeans, Braska Brogues, Zara Bag, Wholesale Celebshades Sunnies - STRIPES & HEARTS

Micah Gianneli from Australia.

Micah Gianneli - Barbara Bonner Roxanne Bag - Staple

Micah Gianneli - Lauren Damelian - Cropped & Casual

Which one is your favourite look? We love them all.

Love you!

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