Paid $17 million in cash: Inside Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island house

Okay, time for some day dreaming loves! Recently, Taylor Swift dropped $17.75 million for this majestic beach-front mansion in Rhode Island and according to TMZ, she paid in cash. That’s right!

Take a look inside Tay-Tay’s luxurious home of nearly 12,000 square foot. Built in 1930, the traditional manse located on five acres comes with seven bedrooms, breathtaking ocean views — and just look at the Ferrari in the driveway!

Although a self-made multi millionaire, Swift still moved into her new mansion with the help of her parents. Isn’t that sweet? She’s still a daddy’s girl. Enjoy the pictures of Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island house which we scoured forĀ  all over Pinterest just for you.

What do you think? Isn’t her home just amazing?

We hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures. We love you!


All pics via Pinterest.