Can you spot the fake Balenciaga bag? Take the authentication quiz!


Following our popular Louis Vuitton authentication story, some of you had asked us to do one on Balenciaga. Truth be told, we are not Balenciaga experts and if you have the choice, please only buy from the boutique or very reputable department stores. But if you want to learn something new in a fun way, try this authentication quiz!

Can you spot the fake Balenciaga bag? Take the authentication quiz and leave your answer in the comments section.

Let’s compare these two Gold Giant Hobo bags. One is a counterfeit and the other an authentic Balenciaga. They both appear to have the same general shape and proportions, but as we know, the little details make all the difference in authentication.

Which bag looks real to you?


How about a close-up side view showing the strap connector and textured studs.


What about the notched rivets near the top zip?


Take a look at the interior tags:


And underneath them, the top one reads “177288 497717” whereas the bottom one has those in reverse order “497717 177288”:


Let’s get a little closer view of the buckle hardware:


Did those pics give it away for you? Can you spot the Balenciaga bag versus the super fake?

The answer: ‘A’ is real and ‘B’ is fake.

Did you get the right answer?

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