How to layer thin necklaces? Try these 14 styles, shop the look!

While chunky bejewelled necklaces make a wave on the runway, thin necklaces continue to flood the lookbook of fashion bloggers. And the best way to wear these thin necklaces is to layer on. How to layer thin necklaces? Layering might be a scary word for some as it requires a little bit of styling skills but hey, that’s what we’re for! Check out these 14 ways you can layer up your thin necklaces. It’s a great way to add some personality to your style and this also means you can take out that old thin necklace that you got for your birthday. Let’s get inspired!


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How to pronounce designer names like Louis Vuitton, Louboutin or even Longchamp? Learn here quick!


Okay, we’ve been there too. With more and more designer brands beyond the Lanvin and Jean Paul Gaultier, it’s easy to mispronounce those that we don’t mention in our every day conversations. So many are wearing Longchamp and Louis Vuitton, but have we been saying it right? And as soon as we’ve figured out Yves Saint Laurent, the brand name is changed to Saint Laurent Paris. Gah! SHARE & LIKE this if you think it’s helpful… View Full Post

Paid $17 million in cash: Inside Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island house

Okay, time for some day dreaming loves! Recently, Taylor Swift dropped $17.75 million for this majestic beach-front mansion in Rhode Island and according to TMZ, she paid in cash. That’s right!

Take a look inside Tay-Tay’s luxurious home of nearly 12,000 square foot. Built in 1930, the traditional manse located on five acres comes with seven bedrooms, breathtaking ocean views — and just look at the Ferrari in the driveway!

Although a self-made multi millionaire, Swift still moved into her new mansion with the help of her parents. Isn’t that sweet? She’s still a daddy’s girl. Enjoy the pictures of Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island house which we scoured for  all over Pinterest just for you.

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18-year-old Shannon Richardson signed on by 2morrow Models in Milan


2014 might just be the year for Queensland models. As Brisbane beauty Georgina Burke, 23, becomes the face of American brand Torrid, latest, 18-year-old Shannon Richardson from Gold Coast is signed on by Italian agency 2morrow Models in Milan. Richardson appeared in cycle 8 of Australia’s Next Top Models in 2013 and went far but was eliminated in episode nine, three episodes shy of the finals. But for this young beauty, that didn’t stop her from moving forward. In fact, in just a few days, she will be off to Milan to start her international modelling career.

1399012957387 (1)
The agency, 2morrow Models, is one of Milan’s biggest and best agencies but Richardson is not resting on her laurels.

“It’s a whole new level being in the fashion capital of the world so I have to look the part,” says Richardson. “I’ll be revamping my wardrobe and improving my body. For Milan I’ll be stepping up my efforts hoping to achieve my best body yet before I leave.”

1399012957387 (2)
When asked on how her family feels about her living overseas on her own, Richardson says, “My family and boyfriend have always been hugely supportive of anything I do so when we discussed my three months over there, they simply said “go for it!”They trust me and know that I have a pretty stable head on my shoulders in order to make good decisions, so as long as they get a Skype call every few days, they’re totally fine with it”, says Richardson who has received numerous academic awards and also the Gold Coast City Council community award.

So what’s after Milan? “That’s still very much up in the air,” she confesses. “I’m not sure what will amount from this experience; I may get another contract somewhere else. That’s definitely the dream!”

“I also plan on returning to Bond University to finish my Law degree and just go from there, ” shares Richardson who admires models who have become entrepreneurs and business women. Models who keep themselves current by creating business empires like Megan Gale, Elle Macpherson and Gisele Bundchen  to name a few. “I also love the new generation of “supermodels” coming in, like Cara Delevigne, Emily DiDonato, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Shanina Shaike,” adds Richardson.


So how did it start for Richardson? “I remember being told when I was growing up that I’d end up as a model simply because I was the tall, awkward one in the grade. Eventually when I was 15 my dad told my mom to take my sister Jenna and I to an agency on the Gold Coast just to see if anything would come from it, and the rest as they say is history,” shares Richardson who is represented by Katz Model Manegement in Gold Coast and EMG in Sydney.
As Richardson leaves her home on the Gold Coast, she confesses that she will miss her favourite place. “Near my house in Upper Coomera there is a man-made lake used for rowing regattas that has an awesome 4km running track around it. I feel the most at home when I’m at the lake because it’s constantly busy with cyclists, moms and their prams, joggers with dogs and Rollerbladers.It’s a beautiful serene sanctuary that is enjoyed by the whole community and for me, it’s the best motivation seeing so many other people going out to get fit as well. I run around the lake three or four times a week and it has been the scene of many happy memories. “


Photography: Carole Margand of Caco Photography
Fashion Director & Stylist: Melati Kamaruddin
Makeup: Maria Rivera
Hair: Heidi and Lucy of Lunatic Fringe
Outfit: Sambag, The Wintergarden Queen Street Mall
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