We were completely mesmerised with the Fendi A/W 2014-15 collection showed in Milan this week. Karl never fails to amaze.  Every time.

Whilst we were drooling at the clothes, we just couldn’t take our eyes off the hair. What is that sleek braid that we see on every model? This will definitely be one of the hottest 2014 hair trends!

Backstage beauty genius Sam McKnight said that Karl had sent him a small sketch of a head with the words ‘Line of purity’. Sam said, “We then interpreted that linear purity by making two partings, one on each side. We then folded the hair flat into a kind of basket weave around the head, meeting in a low pony. ”

Check out these personal pictures from Sam as he reports from backstage at Fendi’s autumn/winter 2014 show.


The front hair is parted at the centre and one part over laps the other. Then, on each side, a portion of the hair is taken and overlapped at the back.

You’ll see here how the front ‘X’ weave is now being secured by the partings on each side. Another ‘X’ at the bottom.

Secure with a rubber band. And finish with a hairspray.

That’s how it looks when it’s done.

Sam McKnight with a model backstage at the Fendi A/W 2014-15 show in Milan.


Okay, we feel a tutorial coming up! But meanwhile, draw your curtains/blinds and turn off the lights and enjoy the whole Fendi show here courtesy of Fashion Channel. You are now in Milan!

So, what do you think of this hairstyle? Will you give it a try? Tell us all about it in the comments below. We love you!


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