Editor’s Note: Hedi Slimane, Liam Fahy, Vita Fede and some Insta-gist!

Hi lovelies,

I hope 2014 has been nothing but fabulous for all of you. So, what’s happened the past month?

We made a million!

A million hits, that is =) I’d like to personally thank you for always coming back to Wondermika! We have grown so much especially over the past month and it’s all thanks to you. Number of visits have been doubling month-on-month. Your visits, shares and suggestions have been and will always be valuable to us. You are the sole reason we work so hard on all our content. So keep the comments and suggestions coming!


Designer encounters

We’ve been lusting over quite a few designer goods this month and love sharing our top picks on Instagram under @melatikesuma. Our post on this beautiful Saint Laurent bag below was liked by no other than Saint Laurent’s Creative Director Hedi Slimane himself! I swear I hyperventilated for a moment there. And then, Liam Fahy, London shoe designer, also made a comment on our Instagram. Things are just getting better! To add to our excitement, designer Cynthia Sakai who found luxury jewellery brand Vita Fede also connected with us on Instagram. Sakai thanked us for launching the Anti Fake Designer Campaign 2014. Who knew that when Vita Fede launched in 2009, we’d be Insta-chatting with her today?

Photo: Uma Ravi and Alia Gontier! Here, here! My heart just stopped and then I started screaming in my living room. Aaahhhh!

Photo: Gasp! I'm having an insta chat with Cynthia Sakai, Vita Fede's Designer! ♥♥♥♥♥

Liam Fahy shoes. This will only be unveiled next season!


Anti Fake Designer Campaign 2014

Anyway, ahead of the month of love, Wondermika unveils its Anti Fake Designer Campaign 2014 as our way of showing love to fashion designers who work tirelessly to churn out fabulous pieces season after season.

So throughout the month of February, we will be posting stories on how to spot designer fakes. We’d like to help you to make informed purchases so you don’t fall prey to fake designer scams unknowingly.Additionally, we will also share with you where to shop authentic pre-loved designer and tips on how to care for your luxury items.



Here’s a collection of some meaningful/cool moments we posted on Instagram recently.

Left to right: I got my new personalised name card, finally! That was a sketch which I did myself. So happy that it turned out okay | Home sweet home! I flew back to Malaysia to spend time with family and to see my beautiful house again =) I miss it heaps | Fireworks from the balcony. I had a wonderful dinner at home in the Brisbane city where we enjoyed fantastic fireworks | Check out this GIF animation. Love it! | The Brisbane City Hall was transformed into a toy factory thanks to this fab light show | Found this book on new age social media lingo from Plexus Publishing which I think is hilarious!

Some guilty pleasures, I bought an Hermes bracelet, a Ferragamo mini bag and Chanel earrings. Hopefully, a few Vita Fede bracelets will join my collection =)

That’s all for now folks! I hope to be seeing you on our Twitter @wondermika or Instagram @melatikesuma. Thanks for your wonderful support my dear friends. Please let us know what stories you wish to see on Wondermika too.

Love you!



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