McDonald’s Taiwan cashiers wear school uniforms and cat ears? See the Sailor Moon styles!

McDonald’s Taiwan cashiers wear school uniforms and cat ears?

Yes, according to a news reported by Rocketnews24, cashiers at a McDonald’s in Taiwan were actually dressed in cute maid uniforms recently.  They even greeted customers by calling them “master” and using other maid-like phrases.



But that was just the beginning. Instead of  just stopping at maid outfits, the McDonald’s outlet continued to make things more interesting when their workers wore Sailor Moon-inspired Japanese-style schoolgirl outfits complete with knee-high stockings and cat ears. They politely thanked each customer by calling them their mentor or senior as if the customer was an older student at the same school. They would then give the customer a salute with their right hand as if they were in a police academy. Even younger McDonald’s customers received the same treatment!

Check out of video of the cat-eared schoolgirl McDonald’s workers in action!

Flight attendant uniforms

A day before the schoolgirl outfits were introduced, the workers wore flight attendant uniforms. Maids, schoolgirls, flight attendants…they seem to be hitting every otaku’s dream scenario. The Facebook page for McDonald’s Taiwan says that all stores in the country will be participating in the cosplay promotion on December 31. How exciting!

While we wait to see what the next round of costumes look like, check out the videos below of some of the coverage the Taiwanese McDonald’s cosplay staff have been getting!

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Source from Rocketnews24. Photos via McDonald’s Taiwan Facebook.