NEWS: Female Model Elliott Sailors Finds Success as Male Model. Why?

Elliott Sailors

Elliott modelling as a female (l) and male (r). Pictures: Source: Instagram

ELLIOTT Sailors was a blond bombshell with the prestigious Ford modeling agency and had curves that graced Bacardi billboards around the world. Follow on Bloglovin

But when jobs dried up in an industry that considers 25 middle-aged, Sailors, 31, chopped off her blonde locks and reinvented herself – as a male model. Watch the video here.

Instead of pouting her full lips, Sailors now binds her breasts and accentuates her strong jaw line.

“I’m starting over to have a longer career,” Sailors told the New York Post. “Men don’t need to look as young as possible, so I have a lot of time.”

The former beauty-pageant contestant from Tucson, Ariz., who was given her mother’s maiden name, Elliott, confessed that male modeling seemed like a natural transition because “earlier on in my career, I would get frustrated because I thought I looked too masculine.

“I have a strong jaw, wide forehead, huge eyebrows. I thought I looked like a man wearing makeup.”

Sailors now shows up to casting calls in flannel shirts, ripped jeans, boots and biker jackets. She gets her hair buzzed at Decatur and Sons barber shop in Chelsea.


Elliott Sailors

Elliott Sailors. Picture: Source: Twitter


She says her husband, Adam Santos-Coy, is supportive – although she was a jaw-dropping blonde when he married her.

“He said he knew people would see me differently once I did it, but he didn’t realise how much people would see him differently,” she said, explaining that think that many think they’re a gay couple.

Confronting gender roles: Female-turned-male model Elliott Sailors with her husband Adam Santos-Coy at the Big Sur film premiere in New York on Monday night. Photo:

Sailors dresses like a man on most days because it’s easier than wearing makeup or heels.

And she says no one opens the door for her anymore:

“When I’m in an elevator, I notice that they let all of the girls go first – like, the real girls.”

Flashback: Ms Sailors and Mr Santos-Coy pictured together on their wedding day in 2011 . Photo:

All change: But in October 2012, she decided to cut off her hair, wrap her breasts and try her hand at modeling . Photo:

Photo: Contributor Magazine


Watch the video of Elliott on the Today show.


Female Model Elliott Sailors Finds Success as Male Model. What do you think? Leave a relevant comment and your chosen link will be published.


This story originally appeared in the New York Post. Additional reporting from
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NEWS: ‘Boobies’ bracelets go to court?


‘Boobies’ bracelets go to court?

Yes, the court battle between two girls and their Pennsylvania school over “I (heart) Boobies!” bracelets could be settled by the US Supreme Court.

The Easton Area School District board voted 7-1 on Tuesday night to appeal a federal appeals court’s decision that rejected its claim the bracelets are lewd and should be banned from school.

The case started in 2010 when two girls, then ages 12 and 13, challenged the school’s ban on the bracelets designed to promote breast cancer awareness among young people.

Easton Area School District

The students, Brianna Hawk and Kayla Martinez, said they merely hoped to promote awareness of the disease at their middle school. They filed suit when they were suspended for defying the ban on their school’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

In August, the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s decision in favour of the girls, saying also that the district didn’t prove the bracelets are disruptive.

Superintendent John Reinhart told The Express-Times of Easton he supports the board’s decision.

“The Third Circuit Court has compromised administrators’ abilities to intervene in what is and what is not appropriate in school,” he said.

In court sessions, Mr Reinhart had called the bracelets “cause-based marketing energised by sexual double-entendres.”

An attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, which helped the girls challenge the rule, said on Tuesday night the school had been hinting that it would petition the Supreme Court.

“I’m just really surprised that they’re so determined to fight this speech case of all speech cases,” said Mary Catherine Roper. “(The bracelets) didn’t cause any problems in the school.”

School district solicitor John Freund said the district had the backing of the National School Boards Association and the Pennsylvania School Board Association. He said they and other organisations are “concerned about the implications of a hyper-sexualised environment,” The Express-Times reported.

The lone board member to vote against the appeal said the district should just drop the matter.

Easton is one of several school districts around the country to ban the bracelets, which are distributed by the nonprofit Keep A Breast Foundation of Carlsbad, California.

Story by AP.



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Stay-At-Home-Moms, I’m sorry I was wrong about you

As I sit at my kitchen counter, flashbacks about my full time working days enter my head. Boy was that a roller coaster! But now I’m on a different roller coaster- the sort that needs me to steer it 24/7!

When I was working as a PR manager in the world’s largest snacking company, I thought, well this is one tough life as a mom AND a corporate girl. I would wake up as early as 6am to get my son ready for kinder, get myself ready, then drive through crazy traffic for one hour just to get to my son’s school. Then, as soon as I get to work, I check my Inbox and reply a good 25 e-mails that would have come in between the time I left work and the time I came back to work.

The day is just packed with meetings, presentations, discussions, proposals, brainstorms and more meetings. Before I know it, the day is almost over. I rush back to school, pick my son up at 6.30pm, go through a 1.5 hours traffic jam before finally reaching home at 8pm. The domestic helper has either cooked up a meal or is waiting for me to cook dinner. Or we grab dinner outside. 10pm and I’m getting my son ready for bed, packing his clothes for school and bringing his warm milk up to the room. My son is asleep. But that’s not the end of my day. 11pm I look at my notes and prepare myself for tomorrow’s work – sometimes presentations and sometimes documents that I need to familiarise myself with prior to a meeting. I sleep at midnight and guess what? It’s 6am. Again. At the end of the month I get a paycheck, pay my bills and the cycle continues.

That was months ago.

Now, back at my kitchen counter, I’m looking at my son who still has 70% of his energy left. Where does he get that? Because I don’t have any left. Yes, juggling work and family was challenging. Very challenging. But staying at home is not any easier. My son wakes up at 9am, we have breakfast together and then we’ll have our activities – painting, colouring, story book time. Sometimes we go to the park or library or museum. 11am I start making lunch. It doesn’t matter if I’m hungry or not. My responsibility is to ensure that my son gets all the nutrients he needs and then some. By 12.30pm, we both have lunch and then he naps from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. No. That’s not when I rest. I then shove the dirty laundry into the machine, then stack dirty plates into the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, clean the toilets and get the bedroom in order.

Rrrriiiiinnnngggg! My son is up. It’s 3.3opm. He goes to the potty, I make him milk and let him watch some TV. 4pm and I’m thawing frozen beef/chicken to cook for dinner. While that happens, I tidy up the house, water my plants, take the clothes out of the washer and put it into the drier. I take 30 minutes to sit down, check my e-mails and before I know it, it’s already 5pm. I take the clothes out of the drier, fold them and then start cooking. My hubby is back. I serve dinner at 6.30pm, feed my son, load the dishes into the dishwasher. I bathe my son, get him ready for bed. Sometimes from 2pm to 4pm I go out with my son where I take street snaps or check out new products at the drugstore or department store. Either way, we are back by 4.30pm as I’ll need enough time to prepare dinner. No, there is no time to sneak a nap or watch TV or just lie down not doing anything. Contrary to what I thought stay at home moms could do since they are at home that whole day. As soon as my son goes to bed at 10pm, I fire up my laptop and get cracking at my blog.

I curl in my bed with the laptop, do some Polyvore sets which I then use in my stories. Finish up my stories, load some pictures on Picasa and submit my post. I check that everything is on Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest and even LinkedIn. Check my Logaholics analytics. 225 pageviews. Good God. Can’t there be more? Please?

So, this beckons the question. Which life was harder? The corporate mom or the stay at home mom? Well, neither. I can’t honestly say that working was easier and obviously, I can’t say that staying at home is easier.  What is the difference?

To me, personally, being a working mom was challenging because you have a different set of responsibilities outside of home. You also have people to manage, expectations to meet and work to deliver. All very time sensitive with a set quality benchmark. But the thing about work is that if you are really sick or burnt out, you can take a sick leave. You can reschedule certain meetings or renegotiate some deadlines. At home, you can’t renegotiate a hungry tummy and certainly cannot postpone dirty laundry. You also can’t avoid tidying up the bedroom and cleaning up bathrooms. These all have deadlines and to avoid chaos, these deadlines have to be kept. You also cannot ask a three-year old to “meet you half way” nor can you ask him to “share the load”. You can’t motivate a child the same way you would a staff and no, they don’t have hard KPIs. And again, no, we don’t sleep all day at home. Seriously.

Stay-at-home moms, I’m sorry I was wrong about you. After having experienced both sides, I have to say that whether you are a corporate mom or a stay-at-home mom, AS LONG AS YOU ARE A MOM, you have a big responsibility.  And nothing is more precious than your child.

Since starting this post, I’ve left the kitchen counter and have taken 5 pauses. Once to cook, once to clean, once to feed my son, then feed myself, another to get ready for bed. I’m going to publish this post now and kiss my son good night. Sweet dreams, world! Tomorrow, a new adventure awaits!

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So here are some of my secrets to sanity. Whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home mom:

Make cooking easy

I always pre-marinate all my meats and chickens. I separate them in zip lock bags according to the serving size that I want. Then, when I feel like cooking them, I just remove the frozen bag and thaw. The easiest is to grill chicken in the oven for 40 mins at 180 degrees celcius. This helped me tremendously when I was working full time.


Get a clothes folder

You know that simple clothes folding gadget? Get those. Folding clothes is the least favourite thing on my list. But the folding contraption (which I made out of card board) really helps by leaps and bounds!

Clothes folder


Find an outlet

Blogging has helped me tremendously. It lets me think clearly and to share my thoughts. Write about things that you like, get inspired and get excited again.


Make sure your child naps in the afternoon

Yes! Please. This is the only time you get to do your chores swiftly. For working moms, this is helpful when you want to catch up on weekend chores.


Give your child an activity he can do independently

Your child should have different activities that he can do with you and ones that he can do on his own. Imagine you folding clothes with your child wanting you to read a book or build a castle. Find activities that he can do on his own which are still enriching and fun. My son loves painting on canvas and also creating monsters from recycled items. It’s the time for him to draw whatever he likes You can also get those colouring books with the magic colours that only transfer on the book and leaves no stain on other things. It’s from Crayola. At the same time, be sure to pick activities that he will enjoy doing together with you.


Wear a facial mask before bedtime

Yes, treat yourself to a refreshing and soothing mask after a long day. I love the SK-II facial treatment mask. Or the Origins mask. Also try those masks from Estee Lauder. They are great!


Dance when you’re alone

I like to do this when my son is asleep and while I’m doing the dishes. Go crazy for a few minutes. Get it out of your system. Jump, turn, twirl. Do whatever you want before heading back to reality.


Play with makeup

I love doing this before my son wakes up in the morning. Try an eyeliner do. Or even stick on funky nail stickers like those from House of Holland. For working moms, you can try this on weekends during your child’s nap time. It’s quite therapeutic.
House of Holland
What are your secrets? What do you think about working moms or stay-at-home moms? Do share! Limited

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J.Crew Australia

NEWS: Push Up Bra For Men To Get Instant Muscles?

Yes, you read the title right! A new push up bra for men! UK men’s wear maker has released a padded T-shirt designed to accentuate the Pectorals, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Look, I’m not saying that men should wear this to fake a buffed chest, but if you personally like it, why not?

According to, the “muscle top” is designed to give the appearance and feel of muscle size and definition.

Features of the Funkybod muscle top:

  • Chest plates giving a pumped look.
  • Shoulder plates to give a broader look.
  • Bicep plates giving bigger biceps.
  • Tricep plates giving bigger triceps.
  • Feels realistic to the touch.

As described on the Funkybod website, it looks and feels like a T-shirt, designed to be worn as an under garment. The sleeves are shortened so they are not visible when worn under a shirt with cuffs.

The good news is the shirt is not that expensive and it does come in white, black and grey. You can wear it to a high school reunion, a wedding, a party or anywhere you want if you actually do feel the need to impress anyone  this particular way.

push up bra for men

Funkybod says that their advanced fabric technology allows the skin to breathe with microfibres for softness and comfort. All this is combined with more breaking technology in the discreet plates used for muscle sizing, when a muscle is tensed that area will feel tense and when relaxed will behave accordingly therefore making it very hard to realise one is being worn.

They also say that their muscle enhancing top is a high quality garment to accentuate the Pectorals, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.  This gives the effect of an improved posture with a natural looking balance all-round.  Worn as a normal undershirt garment, the Funkybod top is a great confidence booster for men in the same way a padded bra works for women.

Here’s a video of The Funkybod Muscle Top tried out on the street.
A glimpse of the real-world effect when worn by the general public. Some are calling it the Wondershirt??

If you do need extra advice, then feel free to visit as they provide additional support (pun intended!) for men. Click the ‘Manboob info‘ section.

Click below if you want to view the product or buy it. So what do you think of the new push up bra for men?

Buy Funkybod shirt On-line

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