Shopping Nightmare: She bought designer bags from her friend and this happened – Designer Authentication Series


At WONDERMIKA we receive e-mails from our readers everyday asking us to help authenticate their designer bags and 99%  of the bags turn out to be fake. Most of the time, the bags are bought from websites or Instagram and Facebook stores.  Everyday we deliver the bad news that their hard earned money had been spent on replicas. Heartbreaking, we know. But nothing will prepare you for this story that we are about to tell you. LIKE and SHARE this story to help people make more informed choices. View Full Post


most beautiful villas 1

by Melati Kamaruddin.

We need a holiday. It’s only August but we can already imagine ourselves on a sunny beach somewhere *exhale*. But where should we go? Bali? Phuket? How about Koh Samui? I know what you’re thinking. You’ve been there a million times and you’ve seen it all. Trust us, you will be surprised. Breathtaking is an understatement. These villas are the most jaw-dropping, fist-clenching, toe-curling, mouth-watering and visually-stimulating we have ever seen *gulp*. And they have been the secret destination for many discerning travellers. View Full Post

Instantly Ageless: Watch Wrinkles Disappear Before Your Eyes


Forgive me for sounding like a mad person. But this product is truly incredible. When I say that your lines and wrinkles disappear, I mean it. They disappear before your very eyes. In all my years writing beauty for The Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan, I had always maintained the same position on anti-ageing products – that nothing can take away wrinkles just like that (except for Botox) and that we are all better off ageing gracefully.

Well 10 years down the road, I’m eating my words. View Full Post

Tried, Tested, Loved | The best beauty products we’ve tried this month

TTL Beauty

by Melati Kamaruddin.

Welcome back to WONDERMIKA! I’ve been busy trying all of the products in our beauty room with the team. Not just for fun, but to find out, which ones are the best? Over 55 products were tested from concealers to serums. We focused on beauty benefits, wearability, longevity, application and overall reliability. Can’t wait to find out? Here are the best beauty products we tried this month and LOVE. View Full Post